Is a good investment?

Recently I purchased for $118.00 USD on expiring domain auctions. It caught my eye because I think it would make a cool name for a brand so I decided to do some research. Using the fantastic free service NameBio, here is my thought process in the purchase.

Do pronounceable CVCVC .com domain names sell?

Total Sales Dollar Volume Average Price Median Price Low Price High Price
3,236 $19.7m $6,084 $797 $100 $2.9m

Let’s break down these numbers one by one.

  • Total Sales- Not great turnover. The potential number of domain names that follow this pattern is 171,475. This is assuming that you are using 5 vowels and 19 consonants i.e. 19*5*19*5*19= 171,475. Assuming that half of the domain names in this category go unsold, this is still only a 3.8% turnover all time.
  • Dollar Volume- Pretty good but consider that all of the Common English words that follow this pattern are included.
  • Average Price- Again, pretty good, but the high price from the Common English words skews this upwards.
  • Median Price- This is the number that is important. This is what the true Average Price I may expect from a sale.
  • Low Price- These are auction domains. I am sure more have sold for lower but NameBio only records sales $100 or greater.
  • High Price- This was for There are also a couple in the 7 figures and many in the 6 figures. is not that caliber.

Do pronounceable CVCVC .com domain names beginning with ‘L’ sell?

Here are a couple graphs that show the sales from 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Year Average Price Median Price
2016 1070 377
2017 2573 557
2018 150 118

Do pronounceable CVCVC .com domain names ending with ‘R’ sell?

Year Average Price Median Price
2016 1335 510
2017 589 290
2018 553 320

**There was a Huge sale this year for which I did not include in these numbers.


CVCVC .com domains Do sell. However…

  • There is not much turnover in the market so I will expect to hold onto it for a number of years.
  • The Median prices of the domains that have sold lead me to believe it is a solid investment.
  • The 2018 numbers do not accurately reflect where the market is headed or will be headed in the future.
  • I have decided to price the domain at $1,999 USD. Which is on the upper end of the Average Sales, leaving me opportunity to negotiate.

This is what I have accessed from the numbers. If you have a different opinion, please feel free to let me know.

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