Why .info is is due for a renaissance

There are some in the domain name industry who think the .info gtld is dead. Let me give you a few facts as to why this domain extension is due for a renaissance.

1. Trust
Since it was introduced in 2001, people have been using this extension to build their websites.

2. Popularity
With 6,926,617 domains registered, .info is the 4th most popular gtld behind only .com, .net, and .org.

3. Longevity
Many people are wondering which of the 2000 new gtld’s are going to survive after the first year. The .info extension has been around for 15 years and is not going anywhere soon.

Here just some of the websites who use the .info domain extension for their business.
1. MTA.info
2. PGA.info
3. Austria.info
4. Frommers.info
5. Spain.info
6. Towards.info
7. SantaClausVillage.info
8. Ariel.info
9. Wetter.info
10. Brussels.info

Whether you are looking for a value investment or want to build on a Trusted, Popular, and Proven domain extension, the .info is for you.

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